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Our Adult Day Habilitation Program provide an arrange of services to engage our individuals. We provide vocational opportunities, skill training classes, and social development opportunities for everyone participating in our programs.


Vocational Opportunities 


  • Janitorial Services 

  • Labeling Assorted Products

  • Packaging Spa Products

  • Paper Shredding 

  • Recycling

  • Making Heating Pads, Blankets, and Bird Feeders.

  • Store Clerk

  • Inventory of Store Products

  • Stocking Shelves

Skill Training Classes 


  • Money Management 

  • Reading and Language

  • Math

  • Geography 

  • Relaxation Technique

  • Anger Management 

  • Exercise and Body Movement

  • Healthy Relationship

  • Honesty - Integrity - Morals

  • Worry - Stress- Anxiety

  • How to Handle Conflict 

Social Development


  • Interactive Dances

  • Parties

  • Celebrations

  • Cook-outs 

  • Community -Outings

  • Service Learning

Each month the individuals in our the day habilitation program engage in fun activities to develop their skills. We encourage the staff to develop activities around monthly themes and holidays. Please click on the PDF link below to check out what we are doing in the program this month. 

Our day program provides individuals with structure and flexibility to meet each individuals need. We have dedicated professionals who enjoy working together as a team and serving individuals daily. If you are interested in learning more about our program please call us today for a free consult. 
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